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Image by Mufid Majnun


An effective counter terrorism strategy requires collective and innovative work on a broad range of activities. Key among these is the effort to inhibit the financial support of terrorists through effective anti-money laundering and counter terrorist financing (AML/CTF) programs. Thin Blue Line’s Project Trove helps developing countries to meet international AML/CTF standards set by the Financial Action Task force (FATF), the UN Conventions and UNSCR. Project Trove assembles key national stakeholders at each level necessary to create a comprehensive AML/CTF regime. Participants learn to identify and document financial intelligence and the necessary evidence for successful prosecution by enforcement authorities.  


Thin Blue Line works with three primary stakeholder communities to successfully investigate and prosecute terrorism financing: the Boots, those responsible for investigative activities and constituting boots-on-the-ground, operational aspects of the pathway; the Suits, financial and banking institutions and DNFBPs positioned to detect, report, and retain evidence of suspicious financial transactions; and the Robes, the judicial and prosecutorial stakeholders, who can increase both the number of successful AML/CTF related prosecutions and the degree of their success, including the use of asset forfeiture provisions. 

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