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The Thin Blue Line...

Supports police and partner agencies in their efforts to keep their communities safe, reduce fear, and improve the overall quality of life of their citizens.

Promotes and supports the efforts of law enforcement throughout the world as they endeavour to achieve the highest levels of integrity and competence.

Supports law enforcement in upholding the rule of law, whilst at all times promoting and respecting the standards contained within the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  

Supports law enforcement agencies and their partners in preparation, prevention, response, and recovery efforts aimed at natural and man-made disasters and emergencies.  

Operates as a think tank to explore emerging issues and challenges faced by law enforcement, their partners, and their community.

Supports efforts of law enforcement agencies and their partners through acquisition of modern technology, equipment and associated training to meet emerging policing challenges.  

Achieves these goals by bolstering and enhancing national and international efforts focused on preparedness, prevention, education, capability development, and capacity building.



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